Book of leo quattro

Book of leo quattro

Book Of Leo Quattro is an online slot game made by Stakelogic. It offers 5 reels and 10 paylines, plus sticky wilds and scatters, free spins, magnifying symbols and 96.21% RTP. Somewhere between Disney’s The Lion King and the famous Book of Laslot, the game has a fresh, engaging and unique look.

The Leo Quattro book is part of Stakelogic’s Quattro series among others, such as the Enchanted Quattro and the Arizona Diamondbacks, each of which can play four on the screen. ..

Leo Quattro’s book, as mentioned above, seems to pay homage to classic animated films The Lion King, with letters similar to the famous numbers from 90’s films. In addition to this familiar theme, developers are obsessed with their old favorite reel settings: 10 Payline 5×3 Matrix.

Stakelogic free slots can be played in demo mode, so it is recommended to play in demo mode before playing for real money at online casinos. Another game featuring the Mystery Symbol is the Big Lion Slots with a similar theme. Please enjoy the following two games.

Stakelogic shares a beautiful design centered around the jungle. Animals found in the jungle of African trees are mandrills, red-haired horns, lions, and female lions similar to Rafiki, Zaz, Simba, and Nala from the 1994 hit movie. … they are neither hidden nor hidden, and the developers make these icons shine brightly on the reels.

Another symbol on the reel is the Trump symbol, which appears to be made or carved from a tree trunk. As expected, the tree symbol is a low payout icon on the screen.

The structure of the Book of Leo Quattro is similar to the Book of Ra in the famous Novomatic slot. If you’re an avid player, you’ve come across this simple and effective 5×3 reel 10 payline slot. While simplicity can make this game attractive, Stakelogic mimics the success of other slots and incorporates a similar concept into its design. But was it rewarded? It’s up to you to decide

Leo Quattro RTP & Volatility Book

Book Of Leo Quattro’s RTP (Return to player) is 96.21%.

How to play Book Of Leo Quattro
Many modern online slots have 5×3 reels, but playing one reel does not mean playing all reels. It’s not. Many designers add their own touches and quirks to the game, as well as how to combine designs and settings.

Here are some simple steps to play the Book of Leo Quattro slot.

1. Once the game is loaded, check the paytable. Click the three lines at the bottom left of the control bar and click the relevant link to see your payout.

2. 2. The pay table allows you to adjust visual / sound effects.

3. 3. Click the button below the reels to adjust your total stake and line bet options. This game has 10 paylines for each game.

4. オートプレイ機能には、円形の矢印で囲まれたプレイシンボルのある専用ボタンがあります。

5. 5. セッション設定に満足したらスピンボタンを押して、責任を持ってゲームをお楽しみください。




ライオン = 5,000




A / K = 150

J / 10 = 100


Leo’s Bookは、Ra’s Bookゲームと同様に、多くの異なる役割を果たす1つの特徴的なシンボルを使用しています。このシンボルは、リール上での取り方によって、ワイルドとスキャッターの両方の役割を果たします。ワイルドの場合、それは粘着性があり、より多くの勝利を生み出すのに役立ちます。ワイルドの場合は粘着性があり、より多くの勝利を生み出すのに役立ちますが、勝てる場合は粘着性があり、レスピンを挑発します。スカッターの場合、フリースピンボーナスを開始するには、ラウンド内で少なくとも3つのスカッター(またはワイルド)を見つける必要があります。この機能の開始時に、特別なシンボルが選択され、ラウンド中に拡大することが許可されます。


Novomaticの『The Book of Ra』に続き、Stakelogicはこれ以上の失敗をしませんでした。The Book of Leo Quattroはシンプルさと非常に説得力のあるテーマを兼ね備えています。1990年代にインスパイアされたこのスロットのノスタルジーが好きな方も、目を引くサファリの風景や野生動物が好きな方も、このデザインを気に入ることでしょう。

免責事項: Book Of Leo Quattroの商標/ライセンスはStakeLogicが所有しています。このサイトはStake Logicによって承認されたものではありません。

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